Frequently Asked Questions

Our charges are based on a number of factors including the date, times, duration and location of your event, the equipment and number of technicians required. We don’t operate a fixed fee or an hourly rate, as almost every event is different. Please request a quote for your event.

No, we don’t hire out equipment without a technician. All our systems come with a technician to set up and operate, to ensure everything works as it should do to make your event a success.

We normally operate our Outdoor PA systems from within one of our vans. All the electrical equipment (the parts that mustn’t get wet!) remain inside the van. Our loudspeakers, generators etc. are showerproof, therefore the rain won’t cause us any problems.

We don’t hire out individual items – all our systems come with a technician to set up and operate, to ensure everything works as it should do to make your event a success. We will bring the most suitable microphones, speakers and all the other equipment required to do the job properly. As the event organiser, you don’t want the hassle of trying to set up unfamiliar equipment no more than you want to try to erect marquees or run a temporary catering tent. Most people that ask this question, really don’t know what they need for their event, which is absolutely fine and why we’re here – we’ll ask you a few things about your event to determine what you will need and we’ll look after everything for you.

Modern cordless microphone systems operate within the UHF frequency spectrum. UHF radio is superior to the older VHF systems, which are prone to interference from other VHF users (taxis, emergency services, pub karaokes, etc.) Our UHF systems operate within Channels 38-41 and 65. For community events, we typically operate within Channel 38, under our Shared licence. For VIP and high profile events, as well as those where there will be other UHF users, we licence specific frequencies for the date/s and site, to ensure no intermodulation interference. This is a main point of difference over PA suppliers without an OFCOM PMSE (Programme Making & Special Events) licence, whom utilise a few shared, licence-free frequencies, in an over-crowded narrow bandwidth. For professional event production, both signal quality and the ability to select from and run multiple UHF channels is imperative. Our UHF systems come with external paddle antennae which we position to maximise coverage, enabling comperes, performers and presenters complete freedom. For example, at an outdoor event, we can provide handheld or headset microphones that will work up to 100 metres from the control point.

No, we don’t use battery powered PA systems as they are usually not loud enough, too directional and unreliable. However we can supply a small diesel generator with our PA systems, if there is no mains power available.

Yes, of course! For live events, your Front of House and/or Monitors engineers are welcome to mix their acts on the equipment we provide. Our technician/s will remain on site in a caretaking/support capacity.

This depends on the size of screen/s you require. For an 8′ x 6′ screen, allowing three metres behind the screen for projector positioning is sufficient. Larger screens will increase the projection distance, although not by a huge amount, as our projectors come with wide angle lenses and well as standard lenses. Where space is limited, we will calculate and advise the minimum space required behind the screen, when preparing your quotation.

Yes, our DJ production package includes a pair of Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus decks and a Pioneer DJM2000 Nexus mixer as standard.

People often ask “How many watts do I need?” or similar. Let’s clear up a few common misconceptions… firstly, people don’t absorb sound – anyone suggesting you need a number of watts per person or similar, doesn’t understand the basic physics. Secondly, you can’t “hear” watts – sound pressure levels are measured in decibels (dB), not watts. Think of your 2,000w fan heater or 3,000w kettle – they’re not very loud, are they? Finally, a 200W loudspeaker may be significantly louder than a different 1,000w loudspeaker. How loud a particular loudspeaker will play, is largely dependent on its efficiency, rather than how many watts of power it can accept. The d&b audiotechnik systems we deploy are amongst the highest efficiency loudspeakers available, enabling us to generate high sound pressure levels with minimal power (electricity) usage. A simple analogy is a 2.2L car capable of 0-60 in 5 seconds and 40mpg is in every way superior to a 3.8L car capable of the same 0-60 time but only 20mpg.

Please see our coverage map, showing the counties where we operate.

Yes, we issue a printed contract showing all the details about your event, which is signed by both parties.

We hold Β£10m Public Liability Insurance cover, a copy of our current certificate is available on request.

All AC electrical equipment is Portable Appliance (PAT) tested annually in accordance with the IET Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment (4th Edition).

Account facilities are available (subject to status), with an invoice being issued following the event. We accept payments by BACS, online banking or debit/credit card. Cheques and cash can be paid directly into our account over the counter at any branch of Barclays Bank.

Please contact us – we will be glad to answer any other questions you may have. We’re here to help!