DJ PA Sound Hire – Pioneer CDJ2000 Hire

For the ultimate in DJ PA Sound Hire… when playing at a dance event, corporate or private function, a professional DJ demands the same equipment they use in the best clubs – the tools of their trade enabling them to be creative and cutting edge. That’s why we’ve spared no expense with our DJ sound system packages, which include:

  • a pair of Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus decks & DJM2000 Nexus DJ mixer
  • a d&b audiotechnik Q-series sound system covering the dancefloor, comprising a Q7 mid-high box each side, raised up high and pointed down, underpinned by a pair of Q-SUBs each side, to ensure you can hear and feel the all-important low frequencies.
  • a pair of d&b audiotechnik E8 DJ monitors, either side of the booth
  • a Sennheiser G3-300 radio microphone rack, where speeches form part of the event
  • LED effects lighting available, if required
  • an experienced event technician, on-hand to ensure everything runs smoothly and assist with anything else your DJ/s may need – connection of laptops, Serato accessories, DIs, etc…
  • all equipment fully set up ready for your DJ to hit the decks, behind either a plain black or black starcloth framed surround (or any other colour or your Company/Event-branded frontage)
  • absolute client confidentiality guaranteed – we provide services to many high profile VIP events. You won’t find details of them here, or anywhere else on the internet.
eventpahire Professional DJ Sound System
Professional DJ Booth equipped with Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus decks, DJM2000 Nexus mixer, d&b E8 audiotechnik DJ monitors & Q-Series FOH

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If you are looking for the finest DJ PA sound hire with the highest quality DJ booth for your guest DJs, with the very latest equipment as found in the best clubs, to satisfy the most demanding DJ riders, we have the perfect solution available.   We will arrive and set everything up, be on hand to provide technical support during the event and ensure your DJ’s and Guests’ expectations are exceeded.   Our eye for detail ensures perfect standards of presentation, to complement your venue decor.

eventpahire Professional DJ Sound System
DJ at the decks with a party in full swing
We provide DJ PA sound hire & Pioneer CDJ2000 hire for events throughout the following counties:
  • Bedfordshire (Beds)
  • Berkshire (Berks)
  • Buckinghamshire (Bucks)
  • Cambridgeshire (Cambs)
  • Dorset
  • East Sussex (E Sussex)
  • Essex
  • Gloucestershire (Glos)
  • Hampshire (Hants)
  • Herefordshire
  • Hertfordshire (Herts)
  • Kent
  • Leicestershire (Leics)
  • London
  • Middlesex (Middx)
  • Norfolk
  • Northamptonshire (Northants)
  • Nottinghamshire (Notts)
  • Oxfordshire (Oxon)
  • Shropshire (Salop)
  • Somerset
  • Staffordshire (Staffs)
  • Suffolk
  • Surrey
  • Warwickshire (Warks)
  • West Midlands (W Mids)
  • West Sussex (W Sussex)
  • Wiltshire (Wilts)
  • Worcestershire (Worcs).

We provide DJ sound systems for events further afield when requested, including into mainland Europe.