d&b audiotechnik PA Sound Hire

Following extensive listening tests and research, back in 2008 we started investing in d&b audiotechnik Q and E series loudspeakers with D12 amplification & processing, to build our d&b audiotechnik PA sound hire inventory.

d&b Audiotechnik are highly respected throughout the professional audio industry, with their speaker systems being seen and heard at many high profile corporate events, concerts, festivals and within theatre & television.

d&b audiotechnik Q7 loudspeaker

d&b audiotechnik Q-SUB loudspeaker

d&b audiotechnik E8 loudspeaker

d&b audiotechnik D12 amplifier

d&b audiotechnik PA sound hire systems are extremely flexible and can be deployed with excellent results for all types of events.   A few examples…

A compact front of house system for a corporate dinner or wedding event, with live musicians and / or a DJ playback system – two stacks of Q series (each stack comprising two Q-SUBs and one Q7) are capable of producing incredible volume and clarity, suitable for venues holding up to 500 people.   Where low level background music and after dinner speeches are on the agenda, we can add E8s, placed to the sides and back of a room, to maintain a comfortable level and even dispertion throughout the room. E8s also on monitor duties, as floor wedges for the band and/or as DJ booth monitors.

A compact vocal system for a conference, literary event or public meeting for approx 500 people seated – 4/6 x E8s placed on individual stands, two each side of the room, alternatively mounted on twin forks, one each side of the room (half way back).   Immaculate vocal clarity and high quality background music reproduction. Additional pairs added for larger spaces, to maintain a high quality, evenly distributed system.

A high quality outdoor system for a dressage or sporting/cultural event – between 4 and 12 x E8s mounted on twin forks, using 3.5mtr winch stands. Crystal clear speech and high quality music reproduction.

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We provide d&b audiotechnik PA sound hire services for events throughout the following counties:
  • Bedfordshire (Beds)
  • Berkshire (Berks)
  • Buckinghamshire (Bucks)
  • Cambridgeshire (Cambs)
  • Dorset
  • East Sussex (E Sussex)
  • Essex
  • Gloucestershire (Glos)
  • Hampshire (Hants)
  • Herefordshire
  • Hertfordshire (Herts)
  • Kent
  • Leicestershire (Leics)
  • London
  • Middlesex (Middx)
  • Norfolk
  • Northamptonshire (Northants)
  • Nottinghamshire (Notts)
  • Oxfordshire (Oxon)
  • Shropshire (Salop)
  • Somerset
  • Staffordshire (Staffs)
  • Suffolk
  • Surrey
  • Warwickshire (Warks)
  • West Midlands (W Mids)
  • West Sussex (W Sussex)
  • Wiltshire (Wilts)
  • Worcestershire (Worcs).

We provide d&b audiotechnik equipment for events further afield when requested, including into mainland Europe.